At Woofie Walkie our number one priority is to satisfy our customer with our outstanding and very affordable services in Norfolk.

We provide daily electronic text or email reports, and always have our GoPro on, so you can see a video of your best friend.

Woofie Walkie is a family-owned business. Your Dog, Our Dog. That's how we feel 

After several years providing our services in Northern Virginia we are so excited to continue in Norfolk, where our hearts belong



Why Your Dog Will Think We Are So CooL

We promise peace of mind while you are away. We are bonded and insured dog walkers, and will earn your trust. Safety, safety, safety... and FUN - that's our priority. 

For me, my dog Bambi is everything, so I understand your dog is a big responsibility to me.

We do walk more than one dog at a time on accasion. If that happens, we make sure they get along.

We also use a GoPro camera for each walk and you can see a short video of the walk.

Once you decide to purchase a month of servises, we will meet and chat about your dog's needs.

We will always walk your dog more than the minimum time that is scheduled. If the weather doesn't let us play outside, we still stay with the pet the booked time.

We walk any dogs 7 days a week, including weekends and late hours. We are using an online scheduling system. 

Need a Dog Taxi or a Security visit? We gotcha!

We want to be the best friend to your best friend.

Our Dog Walkers tailor each need for individual dogs. 

our customers








15 minutes


per walk

Best for dogs

6 weeks to 6 months

10 years plus

Walk Includes

Potty Break

Short Walk

Refresh Water and Food



Standard  30 minutes 


Per Walk

Best for dogs

7 months to 12 months

4 years to 10 years

Walk includes 

Potty Break 

Average Walk

Refresh Water and Food




45 minutes


Per Walk

Best for dogs

1 year to 4 years

Walk Includes


Potty Break 

Long Walk

Refresh Water and Food




60 minutes


Per Walk

Best for dog

High Energy


Walk Includes

Potty Break

Extended Walk

Refresh Water and Food